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PostSubject: BASE BUILDING GUIDE   Wed 27 Feb - 5:36

This is the most important part of
building a good base. I will now go through some common and useful
turret combinations to help maximize your defense.

Gun/Mortar Turrets
Turret on the outside, Mortar Turret on the inside

Pros- This will keep your Mortar Turret
safe from being sniped with air units. Also it is good against tanks as
they would have to go further to kill the Mortar Turret and suffer more

Cons- Hellfire will usually decimate
this type of base because they will be able to target Gun Turrets, Then
their splash damage would wreck the rest of your base as they are
targeting the Gun Turrets. (Unless you have a lot of AA units defending)

on the outside, Gun Turret on the inside

Pros- This will keep your base from being

Cons-This will allow your Mortar Turrets to be potentially
sniped with air units and also baited much easier.

Mortar out, Gun in

Gun out, Mortar in

Plasma/Rocket Barrage Turrets
on the outside, Rocket Barrage on the inside.

Pros- Anti tank, and if a meat shield is
used the Rocket Barrage will decimate all infantry.

Cons- Always the possibility you don’t
have enough AA and an air attack ravages you.

(Need picture)

Laser/Rocket Barrage Turrets
Turrets on the outside, Rocket Barrages on the inside

Pros- Will destroy any infantry/tank

Cons- Hellfire can outrange Laser
Turrets and with proper colossus placement your Rocket Barrage will be
rendered useless as Hellfire’s target your Laser Turrets. Also never
forget to think of a potential air attack.

(Need picture)


Turret inside and Laser-Plasma-Mortar-Hellfire Turrets next to/in front
of it.

Pros- Can stop large tanks like
Behemoths/Mega’s, while Laser-Plasma-Mortar-Hellfire Turrets shoot and
kill them.

Cons- Shock turrets don’t help much in
killing enemies; This combo also reduces the amount of Turrets you have
that can actually KILL the enemy.

(Need picture)

Mortar/Rocket Barrage-Shock Turrets
on the outside, Rocket Barrage-Shock Turrets on the inside

Pros- Will be decent against infantry and

Cons- If no good AA, air will shred it.
Also Heavy tanks such as Behemoths/Mega’s will wreck it.


There are 3 types of
bunkers, Regular, Watchtower, and Stronghold. Each of these bunkers
specializes in certain things.

all around good bunker

-Good for riflemen,
Stinger, Mortar team, Sniper, Shock, Heavy Gunners, etc. (Put anything
you want in them)

-Medium armor(Place
close/in your base)

Regular Bunker
in action killing a tank and air units

Watchtower- specializes in killing air

-Put Riflemen,Heavy
Gunners, or Stinger

-Low armor(Protect

Stingers in
Watchtower killing Warhawks

specializes in killing ground

-Put snipers, shock,
and mortar teams

-High armor(Try to
keep it within your AA range)

with mortar teams, shock trooper and snipers

TIP: The more intwined your bunkers
are with your turrets, the greater your defense will be.


Mine placement is
maybe not the most important aspect of a good base, but good mine
placement can help a lot. Also try to have your mine factory upgraded as
high as possible, so you will have enough mines to use them
effectively. Remember, Good mine placement can make the difference in if
your base survives or if you miserably fail. So I will walk you through
the 3 steps of setting up good mine placement.

1.) Choosing
what type of mine setup you want


Pros- If the enemy gets hit by the mines
they will be hit by 2-3, causing massive damage

Cons- When using clusters you have less
of a chance of actually hitting enemy tanks

-Spread out

Pros- You are more likely to hit an
enemy tank with your mines if you spread them out

Cons-Because you are
spreading your mines out, if an enemy hits 1 mine, that is all they
would hit


Spread out

2.) Mine traps

-Regular Trap

Pros- The “dumb attackers” will fall
right into them

Cons- The “smart attackers” will know to
dodge them

-Fake trap

Pros- The “smarter attackers” will
usually trigger them

Cons- The “dumber attackers” will
usually walk right in to your opening which would have no mines

-Spawn trap

Pros- If an enemy does not first send
minesweepers, their platoon will be wrecked by mines in their

Cons- If the enemy does send
minesweepers, all of your mines in the spawn-point would be put to base

Use walls to change
the pathing of enemy units and redirect them into the mines:

Regular Trap

Fake Trap

Spawn Trap

3.) Mine

-Outside/On mortar range

Pros- Will destroy Hellfire’s

Cons- Can be minesweeper even easier

-Outside/On Gun range

Pros- Harder to mine-sweep

Cons- Hellfire’s will not
hit the mines

Mines just
outside of mortar


Types of units to
use as defense in your base.


Use hellfire on
parts of your base that are vulnerable to hellfire’s

Hellfire under Machine Gun turret killing a hellfire


Use Gatling trucks
to have extra defense against hellfire’s and air

defending against 8 hellfires

-Flak Tank

Use flak tanks
behind your turrets that can’t hit air, that way if they are snipe-able
the Flaks will wreck incoming air

Flak tank
killing Warhawk

-Honey badger

Use honey badger to
destroy Tanks such as Behemoth or Mega. They are really fast and get the
job done almost as well as suicide bombers

(Need picture)

-Suicide bombers/trucks

When using suicide
bombers keep a few hidden in the core of your base, and a few hidden on
the outside of your base, like in trees or behind structures. For the
most part keep trucks in your base and hide them behind structures

This image has
been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

Hidden suicide
bombers and trucks ready to kill

-Laser Tank

Hide laser Tank
behind buildings so if an enemy gets to close it has already fired.

Hidden laser
tank sneaking up on Rhino

-Shock Tank

Use shock tanks in
your first line of defense. They can stop Mega’s/Behemoths and give you
turrets even more time to kill them

(Need picture)

Tip: All of these units make perfect
defense, mix and match these units for the best defense

Powerplants: Try
to have your powerplants upgraded to level 9-10 so 1-2 can power your
whole base. This will help in tightening your defense

Walls: Don't
put walls directly infront of Turrets, some units like hellfire have
slightly less range than a few turrets, so putting a wall in front of
turrets could give the hellfires the slightest advantage to shoot and
kill you

Radio Tower: Turn on your radio
towers *Attack notifications* and register your email so you can know
the exact moment you are being hit

Resource management: a tactic some players use, is to
spend all their resources on an expensive, long upgrade before they log
out. This way, the resources cannot be looted by opponents. When they
log back in, they cancel the upgrade, and get all their resources back!

Hiding towers: it’s always good to
give your opponent a nasty surprise when he’s attacking your base.
Hiding a few defensive towers is the perfect solution. You can hide one
turret behind a lvl 4 CC

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