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 WARCOMMANDER Abbreviation Words Mean

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PostSubject: WARCOMMANDER Abbreviation Words Mean   Mon 25 Feb - 3:29

CC = Command Center
PP = Power Plant
RG = Resources Gatherers (Oil Pump/Metal Factory) (rare)
M/OS = Metal/ Oil Storage (rare)
TC = Tech Center
WF = War Factory
GGB = Go-go Bar
MGT = Machine Gun Turret
MT = Mortar Tower
FGT = Flak Gun Tower
HFT = Hellfire Tower
PCT = Plasma Cannon Tower
RBT = Rocket Barrage Tower
LT/o = Laser Tower

E/GT = Elite/Gatling Truck
E/LT = Elite/Laser Tank
E/WH = Elite/Warhawk
E/HF = Elite/Hellfire
MT = Mega Tank (rare)
TBolt = Thunderbolt (rare)
RB = Razorback
HB = Honey Badger
Flak = Flak Tank
SB = Suicide Bomber
HG = Heavy Gunner (rare)
RL = Rocket Launcher (rare) (now known as Mortar Team)
MT = Mortar Team (rare)

Strategy, etc.
Snipe = A unit that can destroy a specific towers without any problems with any other tower(s) and/or unit(s)
Bait = Can mean 'Mortar Baiting' or 'Unit Baiting'
AoE = Area of Effect; it mean the splash damage
HP = Health point(s)
DPS = Damage per Second ("Shoot" for Suicide Bomber and fixed wing)
AA = Anti-Air
DP = Damage Protection
Vs. = Versus
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
RF = Rogue Faction (please spell it correctly, the worst spelling: Rouge Fraction)
RoF = Rate of Fire
SS = Sickle Syndicate
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WARCOMMANDER Abbreviation Words Mean
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